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Tragedy of the Common Man

"You were never meant to exist."

Seth Turtle




August 6th, 2009

WTF u bean?

If anyone's wondering where I've been for the past four months, I spend most of my time in LiveJournal now. =3

I'm expecting a raise at work soon. I'm in the process of writing my second book. This one is fantasy-oriented, so it's more up my alley. Fun stuff.

I'm getting an iMac in a few days. Good times ahead.

April 26th, 2009

This one's good too.Collapse )

April 19th, 2009

I Should Post Stuff

Four player co-op. Fuck yeah: http://www.hulu.com/watch/58774/x-play-all-access-preview-ghostbusters-the-video-game?c=Videogames

I've reached Level 2 at Project Euler. Time to shoot for Level 3. It's going to take much longer since my math-fu is weak. :3

I should get a desk, so that I can get a pimped out computer. Then... I don't know. Step 3 eludes me.

March 12th, 2009

Not Selling Well

I just thought I'd share with you guys. I got a royalty check the other day, for my book Voice. It says that I sold a whopping six copies in the winter quarter. :(

I have a check for $9.98 (which is strange since I thought I was getting $0). I don't have the heart to cash it, since those six people are members of my family. What's worse is that I paid $100 for distribution and advertisement of said book. The loss of money doesn't bother me as much as the lack of interest. I knew the book wouldn't be great, but... :(



The good news is that I'm at Level 1 on Project Euler (meaning I've solved 25 problems to date). In time I'll reach Level 2.

February 23rd, 2009

Let's Play Thread

Digimon: Digital Card Battle. The thread is a go!


February 22nd, 2009

I'm going to try and start an LP thread at Something Awful. It's a screenshot thread, so it should be easy to work with. Also, it involves card games, so it'll be fun for me.

Also, I stated watching these again. Portal references and DUEL DISK SYS~TEM. http://www.yugiohtheabridgedseries.com/episodes/625551/

January 27th, 2009

(no subject)

So, one of the reasons I'm an athiest is because I don't think their is a sentient force guiding the universe. I'm willing to believe in the power of randomness. It's still a leap of faith, but at least it's not asking me to believe some Big Brother is out there watching me and offering aid as necessary (because I don't see that).

However, that's not the only reason I'm athiest. The other reason is that I dislike organized religion in general. I find that when people attempt to take spirituality and turn it into a community (or a club, more aptly), they tend to become overly serious, overly near-sighted, and overly dramatic about whether they are "right" or "wrong". Spirituality should be a personal thing and shouldn't require someone else telling you whether you're right or wrong. The whole point of spirituality is belief - sacred opinion, in other words.

The reason I bring this up is become I saw someone on the bus with a book in his hands entitled "Why The Ten Commandments Matter," by D. James Kennedy. The man was a balding adult, so I think he would understand this already. The Ten Commandments matter because they are commandments. God commanded his subjects to do something (in the interest of promoting Good, but it's a command nonetheless), so He expects you to follow them. You shouldn't need a book to explain this.

In truth, the book isn't about that. It's about how and why the Commandments apply today, and how the idea of "grace" doesn't make the Commandments pointless since God would take us to Heaven anyway. (As a reminder, "Grace is God's unmerited favor. That is, grace is God doing good for us that we do not deserve." - http://www.learnthebible.org/q_a_what_is_grace.htm, the first interpretation of many.) I suppose this is a sensible endeavor, but most reviews say that the book is just pontification and doesn't offer any new information.

In short, I'm still amazed at what people will say and do because of their beliefs. They will claim to be part of a group even when people within that group can't agree on their beliefs. That would be like if scientists couldn't agree on what the right answer to their logically-derived questions were.

Which, of course, happens on a daily basis. So in truth, nobody knows anything about anything. They just claim they do and form lobby groups to prove it and swing their weight around, in order to get what they want. Occasionally, they do good work though, so I can't fault any of them. All I can ask is that they work more and bitch less.

January 21st, 2009

I Just Found Out

... In nine months, I'm going to be an uncle!!

January 16th, 2009



"The idea that randomness is part of the very fabric of nature was revolutionary: it had previously been taken for granted that the laws of physics didn't depend on the size of things. But in quantum mechanics they do. The scale of things does matter, and the smaller the scale at which you look at nature, the more different from our everyday view of the world it becomes: randomness dominates the small scale world."
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