Tragedy of the Common Man

"You were never meant to exist."

Seth Turtle
I'm a writer, a philosophy and mathematics enthusiast, and a collector of music and art. I work at Imedia.it, Inc. in Houston.

"Programming is an art form that fights back."

Current Project: Still trying to publish Voice. Outlining possibilities for a fantasy story. Chugging away to get my first major programming project completed at work.

Note: I'm amazed at how difficult it is to use my imagination now. I keep second-guessing myself because I want to be "new", "different", and not do stuff that has been done before. That's the wrong mindset for any artist, so naturally I'll have to overcome that hurdle first.

Favorite Comics: VG Cats, Bob the Angry Flower.

Favorite Games: Amazingly, I can't decide. I play mostly RPGs since I usually play alone.

Favorite Movies: The Lost Boys, Fight Club, The Incredibles.